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How Contractor Orientations Work

This is the first point of call, the first entry point for a contractor who is working at your organisation. They might be contracted for one off work, or ongoing, but the orientation is going to be the first introduction before they step foot on site and its critical you get it right.

Using a Contractor Orientation, you can ensure the contractor is aware of important safety messages, policies, procedures, hazards on site, reporting requirements and more.

You can communicate all these messages online via an online Contractor Orientation portal and also via the Orientation app.

It's simple, its easy and it streamlines the entire contractor orientation process.

Put in place assessments, check lists, document libraries, site specific policies, procedures, floor plans, emergency information and much more as part of your contractor orientation.

Mobile and web friendly and if you already have a powerpoint, all you have to do is upload it onto the portal and it converts into an online format automatically!

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