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Five Reaons to have Online Contractor Software in 2019

1: Online replaces paper

Lets face it, unless you live under a rock, its the 21st century and everything is done online now. Your contractors are expecting to do their orientation online

2: Online replaces face to face

You have better things to do with your time. Repeating the same face to face training session 1000 times a year is a major waste of time. Setting it up once online and then distributing to the link to your contractors to do in their own time and before they arrive on site is better.

3: Consistant message

When you set up a contractor orientation online, it is the same course, the same message, the same result each time. When doing face to face, there can be differences in what is said one day and the next.

4: Track and record progress

When you digitise your orientation, you can electronically record progress and track results with meaningful analytics

5: Mobile ready

Deliver your training on mobile devices. Everyone is using them, so should you

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