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What is an Online Orientation?

An online orientation is the process of running your safety, workplace, project or new staff hire orientation online via the web or mobile devices so that you can engage and onboard your new staff, visitors or contractors remotely before they start working with you.
It's not just about an orientation presentation being online, an online orientation is the entire process from collecting information such as evidence of training, payrol, hr and other getting started materials, presenting content and assessing them on their knowledge as well as check lists, document libraries and issuing a digital certificate of completion at the end.

How to build an Online Orientation?

If you need to create one from scratch, the first thing to work out is what orientation role types you want to setup. Are you establishing an employee orientation, a contractor or visitor orientation? or is it for a specific site, workplace or project? Once you identify the role types, the next step is what steps will the person go through for the specific orientation. Do you need to collect evidence of training, hr or payrol information from this person online? What content do you want to present to them? Do you want to assess them on this content? Do you have an existing orientation powerpoint or do you want to use ready to go courses and forms from an orientation library? Are there check lists to go through and materials to download and read?
These are the core questions to ask when building an online orientation.

Contractor Orientation Setup

It's easy, using our online editor and other content publishing tools you can build your online orientation program the way you want it. Images, videos, tell the story the way you want all online. Think of it as a new and innovative way of building orientation presentations but online! See the features.

Online Editor Images, Videos and More Build Online Presentations

Already have an orientation presentation? Simply upload it! and it will be converted into an online format

No need to re-invent the wheel, use what you already have quickly and easily.

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Need course content? We've got a library of ready to go courses that you can load up, edit and publish to your users. A great mix of workplace, safety and compliance courses!
Interactive picture questions and answers through to mulitple choice with different grading options such as 100% pass mark and more!
Publish those policies and procedures online with an interactive check list. Ensure they've read, understood and acknowledged your materals and check list items.
Create an interactive tour of your site! A virtual tour to showcase important locations

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